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Vatican Library Digital Manuscripts

Oxford Bodleian Library Online
The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls (Google and Israel Museum)

Sample eBooks & Books

Interviewing and Change Strategies for HelpersInterviewing and Change Strategies for Helpers,
Call #F637.C6 C584 2013

Building the Old Time Religion: Women Evangelists in the Progressive EraBuilding the Old Time Religion: Women Evangelists in the Progressive Era, 2013 ebrary

Jonathan Edward's Theology: A ReinterpretationJonathan Edward's Theology: A Reinter- pretation, 2013 eBook Collections

Shaping a Global Theological Mind Shaping a Global Theological Mind, 2013 ebrary

Dictionary of Israeli-Palestinian ConflictDictionary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 2005, 2vols. Gale
Cambridge Dictionary of Christian TheologyCambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology, 2011 Credo Reference
Christianity in Asia
Christianity in Asia,
2010 ebrary
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Theology/Religion - Article Databases

Use ORU databases to find articles, essays, book reviews, conference papers and more in scholarly journals and magazines. Some databases include book chapters; some now include web site links with abstracts (click Web tab above).

EagleSearch - The EBSCO Discovery tool. Tutorial flash

ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index
ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials  
Academic Search Complete
Christian Periodical Index
Encyclopaedia Judaica, 2d ed.
show/ hide
Encyclopaedia Judaica
Special Tools: Text-to Speech, Download to MP3, Citation Tools
See sample entry: "Good and Evil" learn more
Google Scholar Free on the Web
Includes links to ORU full-text articles.
Index to Jewish Periodicals
Guide to articles, book reviews & feature stories in 220+ journals devoted to Jewish affairs.
New Testament Abstracts
Old Testament Abstracts
Oxford Music Online
show/ hide Articles on composers, performers, conductors, instruments and notation, forms and genres, and individual works.
Oxford Music OnlineFull text of The Oxford Companion to Music and The Oxford Dictionary of Music.
Search: Keyword or browse the Subject Entries
Oxford Music Online
See: Oxford Tips for Users | Topical Guides & Timelines
TREN (Theological Research Exchange Network)  Free on the Web
19,500+ thesis/dissertation titles. No abstracts; no full text. Offers digital e-docs for download and purchase. Prices vary per item.
Makes available 1,725 conference papers:
Church History
America: History and Life with Full Text
Historical Abstracts with Full Text
Humanities Source
show/ hide TIP: How to search multiple EBSCO databases
EBSCO databases
Print Indexes
New Testament Abstracts
Print -- Call number BS410.N35 LRC-P, Index shelf; covers 1956-current.
Database--Covers 1985-present.
Old Testament Abstracts
Print -- Call number BS410.O42 LRC-P, Index shelf; Covers 1978 - 1995.
Database -- covers 1978-present.
For search tips see Find...Articles library guide.

Theology/Religion - Books

For general information see How to Find Books & eBooks library guide.

To find books or ebooks, search the library catalog using broad keywords and subjects that identify your topic(s). Try a library catalog subject search for your topic. Then, from the list of subjects that come up, click a subject to view the list of book titles.
Citations -- If you use a book from the library, access the detailed record in the library catalog, and then click How do I Cite this?. Select the correct citation style, such as Chicago/Turabian: Humanities, then copy/paste/edit the citation, as needed.
Note: Always check the citation references for accuracy with the print style manual.
eBook titles are included in the library catalog with links to the ebook, but you may prefer to search an ebook database instead of using the library catalog.
ebrary: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion ~12,930 ebooks
121,900+ academic ebooks from scholarly and professional publishers. Create a user bookshelf to store and annotate your selected books. Download books to read offline. (You will first need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer, free online). See the apps (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch) and the ebrary Quick Start Guide or Tutorial
Sample ebook titles by subject:
Bible ~1606 ebooks
Church History ~670 ebooks
Pastoral Theology ~80 ebooks
Practical Religion: The Christian Life ~119 ebooks
Religion 7,100+ ebooks
Worship (Public and private) ~38 ebooks
• Combine subject and keyword searching to focus your results.
• To save, manage, highlight and create notes in ebooks use the ebrary bookshelf. (The bookshelf login is your ORU network login -- your username is your ORU email address without
ebrary• To view the 20 most relevant chapters from ebooks in your result list click the Chapter Results tab.
• To browse titles in a call number section of your topic: Use Advanced search.
Change Search in menu to LC Call Number (shown right).
Key in from and to call numbers.
Click Search ebrary.
It's like browsing virtual ebrary shelves.
eBook Collection: Religion ~2,161+ ebooks EBSCOhost
A multi-disciplinary collection of ~9,600 ebooks, including the Association of Christian College Collection.
Search: Advanced Search or Visual Search for keywords, subjects, author, etc.
Store: To save, manage, write notes, and more use the EBSCO folder. (You create a username and password.)
Sample ebook titles by subject:
Bible ~86 ebooks
Church History ~186 ebooks
Attention ATTENTION: The database allows one to five simultaneously readers of the full text so it is possible the full text may not be available to read.
eBook Collection
Audiobook Collection EBSCOhost

For general information on ebooks see: Find...Books & ebooks

Theology/Religion - Reference Materials

See: Theological Reference Books and Biblical & Theological Word Studies library guides.
Sample titles:
  • Commentaries for Biblical Expositors, by Jim Rosscup, call #BR491.2.R827
  • An Introduction to Theological Research: A Guide for College and Seminary Students, by Barber and Krauss, cal # BR118.B28 LRC-R
  • Reference Works for Theological Research, by Kepple and Muether, call #BR118.K46 LRC-R
  • Theological Resources for Ministry: A Bibliography of Works in Theological Studies, by Don Thorsen, call #BR118.T445 LRC-R
Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Church Fathers (CCEL) Free on the Web
show/ hide panel Provides searchable full text.
"Early Church Fathers is a 38-volume collection of writings from the first 800 years of the Church. This collection is divided into three series, Ante-Nicene(ANF), Nicene and Post-Nicene Series I (NPNF1), and Nicene and Post-Nicene Series II (NPNF2)."
In the ORU Library--Church Father's call number section is BR.60...LRC-R
Search: In the ORU library catalog or ebrary, try a subject search for Fathers of the Church or an author search for a church father.
See: author search-Augustine of Hippo (library catalog - author search)
See: subject search-"Fathers of the Church" (ebrary - subject search)
Credo Reference Center
Full text entries for 610+ online reference titles.
Concept Map example for church history
Gale Virtual Reference Library
GVRL Citation ToolGo there.
Titles Include:
Jewish Encyclopedia  Free on the Web
Also available in the library, call number DS102.8.J65 LRC-R.

In the Library, LRC-4th Floor
LC Call Number BookmarkThe print Reference Collection includes commentaries, handbooks, atlases, theological and religious dictionaries and encyclopedias, and more. To find specific reference titles, use the Library catalog and limit your results to "Reference Collection."

Or, just browse the shelves. Books are shelved in Library of Congress (LC) call number order, so similar subjects will be shelved next to each other.
Pick up a bookmark at the reference desk that outlines the reference collection by call numbers and lists selected theological areas.

See: Library of Congress Classification Outline (select class B) | ORU Modified LC Outline

Reference books cannot be checked; however, some titles may have a duplicate in the main collection that is available for checkout. Search the title you need in the library catalog to see if the book is located elsewhere in the library and availability for checkout.

Theology/Religion - Journals

ORU journal titles may be available full text online, in the library in print or microform formats, or in multiple formats. (For detailed information see How to Find Journals.) Use the A-to-Z Journals List to see if the library has the title you need. more...
In the text box, key in title keywords or an exact title. Select a search type. Click go. Then, click a title in the list and follow the links to the full text.
— To access the journal online select a database listed below the journal title. Note the date(s) available. Some journals may be available in more than one database so choose a database that has the dates you need.
— When a title is available in paper, CD-ROM or microform only, you will see the link Oral Roberts University Library Holdings. This link goes to the title record in the library catalog where you can check the subscription summary to see the dates/issues held.
Sample Titles
International Bulletin of Missionary Research
Browse titles by Subject
In the A-to-Z Journals List click the Subjects tab, choose a subject then select and drill down to a subject of interest to you. Follow the links to the full text.
Sample Journal Title groups:
Philosophy, Psychology and Religion (~2,509 titles)
The Bible (~74 titles)g
Christianity (~238 titles)
Ethics (~81 titles)
show/ hide TIP: How to find articles in or browse a specific journal.
  1. Go to the Philosophy, Psychology and Religion subject listing in the A-Z Journals List to view the sub-categories for that subject.
  2. CLICK Ethics (~80 titles) under the Philosophy heading.
  3. FIND Journal of Religious Ethics.
    If you only know part of the title, use Search Type: Contains.
    If you know the exact title use Search Type: Exact Match.

    Note that date restrictions vary for the databases listed. Click the database title that has the relevant date(s)
    for your research.
  4. Select the available location you want to use. For example:
    CLICK Oral Roberts University Library Catalog to view in-house items (microform, print, bound, CD-ROM)
    CLICK ATLA Religion database with ATLA Serials to go to a list of all available full text journal articles in the database..
    CLICK Academic Search Complete to go to Publication Details for Journal of Religious Ethics.
    To search a keyword or topic in all the issues, use the Search within this publication link and type a term or topic you want to find in the journal.
    To browse the articles in a specific issue, drill down through the dates and volumes/issue links. The article result list will be in page number order.**

** Important: From the A-Z Journals List, an ATLA Religion Database link displays all of the articles for the journal. Most other database links go to the journal Publication Details, as in the examples above (ATLA cf. Academic Search Complete).

For citation options in EBSCO databases, click the article title to go to full record view, and then use the Cite link icon in the right sidebar. Several citation formats are available.

DOAJ: Religion (Directory of ~98 Open Access Journals) Free on the Web
Browse Journals in an ORU Databases
In the database, look for a publications link then search or browse the titles.
For example, in EBSCO databases use the Publications link (shown right), or similar, to browse or search journal titles within the database.

Theology/Religion - Biographies

Find full text biographical information in ORU databases.
Biography in Context
America: History & Life
Search: Type biography and change Select a Field (optional) to SU Subject Terms. On the second line type the person's name. (shown below)
America: HIstory and Life
Or, use the People index (See Academic Search Complete, above)
ATLA Religion Database
Type the person's name, change Select a Field (optional) to NA Subject Name Personal, and click Search.
Or, click Indexes in the top menu bar. For Browse an Index: select Name as Subject. Type the person's name using the format last name, first name.
Literary Reference Center
Click Browse Authors in the top menu bar to browse authors by name, culture, country, genre and movement.
SU Bonhoeffer, Dietrich (author biography in LRC)
To look for full-length biographies in the library catalog or in WorldCat (FirstSearch or open access.), do a subject search for the name of the desired person. For collective biographies, do a combination subject search for a topic or class of persons (e.g. evangelists) and the word biography.

For more tips, see the Biographical Information Library guide.

Theology/Religion - Book Reviews

Some databases allow you to limit the search to book reviews. Use subject specific databases related to the book topic for more reviews and greater depth than a general, multidisciplinary database such as Academic Search Premier.

Note that not all databases will contain full text. See: How to Find... Articles

EBSCO Book Review LimitIn general, as you begin your search in a database, limit your search results to Publication Type: Review (shown below), or Document Type: Book Review, if available in the database.

After your have done a search and have a list of results, use the Source Type category in the left sidebar and limit to Reviews, if available. Just check the box.

EBSCO Review Limit

Religion / Theology

ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials (for reviews of scholarly theological books)

Christian Periodical Index
(for reviews of more popular materials)

  • On the Advanced Search window, type the title and/or author.
    TIP: Use quotation marks to search the title as a phrase.
  • Under Search Options for Publication Type choose Review.


ATLA Book Review


General Subjects

Academic Search Premier
MasterFILE Premier

Newspaper Source Plus

  • As you begin, for Search Options select Document Type, Book Review.
  • Enter the author or title of the book in the text box.
    TIP: Use quotation marks to search a title as a phrase.

Book review


Library Guide How to Find...Book Reviews.

Theology/Religion - Conference Papers

TREN (Theological Research Exchange Network) Free Database on the Web
Indexes 19,500+ thesis/dissertation titles. No abstracts; no full text. Offers digital e-docs for download and purchase. Prices vary.
• Makes available 1,725 conference papers, including:
Evangelical Theological Society (1,129 papers); American Society of Church History (150 papers); Society for Pentecostal Studies (75 papers); North American Patristic Society (20 papers); American Catholic Historical Association (14 papers)
• See: New search functionality (PDF)


Theology/Religion - Special Collections

Holy Spirit Research Center (LRC-5th floor)
One of the largest and most comprehensive Pentecostal/Charismatic and Holy Spirit collections in the world. Contains more than

  • 12,000 books, including many significant theses and dissertations
  • 300 Pentecostal/Charismatic magazines
  • 4,500 audio tapes and cassettes
  • vertical files of tracts, pamphlets, brochures, unpublished papers, newsletters, and news articles
  • hundreds of sound recordings, films, photographs, and microfilms

Elmar Camilio dos Santos Collection (LRC-4th floor)

Show/ hide Nearly 1,200 volumes which consists almost exclusively of valuable Judaic and early Christian biblical and religious texts and scholarly reference works.

Almost all of these holdings are in non-English languages, mainly Hebrew, German, and Greek, requiring readers with more than minimal proficiency in each.

Elmar dos Santos was a distinguished Christian biblical scholar with special interest in both Judaica (including Septuagint studies) and the Synoptic Gospels. His library expresses these interests, including rare and specialized Judaic sources.
Dos Santos received his doctoral training in Jerusalem, where he lived for twenty-three years, during which time he also taught in several venues.

He became acquainted with then-student and now-Professor Brad Young during his studies. Together they worked with the late Dr. Robert Lindsey, whose hypothesis of Lukan priority among the Synoptic Gospels continues to be evaluated and extended through scholars at ORU and in academic societies such as the Society for Biblical Literature. Portions of Santos support such scholarship.

JTS Collection (LRC-4th floor)

show/ hide Especially through the work of Dr. Brad Young, the seminary has fostered strong ties with the Jewish community as part of its conviction that Christians should understand the origins of their faith in large measure by understanding respectfully and deeply the Judaism from which Christianity was born and with which it still has unique relations.

Through Dr. Young’s acquaintance with scholars and librarians at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, the University was able to purchase the holdings that constitute this special, secure and non-circulating collection. Among its many volumes that are found infrequently to rarely in North American libraries is the Monatschrift für die Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums.

William Sanford LaSor Memorial Library (LRC-4th floor)

show/ hide Reflecting the linguistic interests of its eponym, the 3,500 volumes of the William Sanford LaSor Memorial Library (LaSor) consist primarily of reference works on biblical and cognate Ancient Near Eastern languages, supplemented by volumes of specialized biblical, historical, and theological studies, many color transparencies of his extensive travels, and his personal teaching materials.

Ordained as a Presbyterian minister and serving as a military chaplain, LaSor also completed two Ph.D.’s – one in Old Testament studies, the other in New Testament.

Author (some jointly) of twenty-six books, LaSor is acknowledged as a leading Old Testament evangelical scholar of the last quarter of the twentieth century.

He taught for many years at Fuller Theological Seminary. His appreciation of ORU’s desire to foster irenic scholarship in Judaic-Christian studies facilitated purchase of this personal study library from his estate by the School of Theology & Missions.

Ongoing review by STM professors confirms the value of this collection for especially students pursuing the concentration in Advanced Languages within the M.A., Biblical Literature.

Note: The three special collections above, located on LRC-4th floor, are non-circulating and secured in locked rooms accessible only by patron request at the Circulation Desk.

Theology/Religion - Web Sites

Church History
The Church in the Southern Black Community, 1780-1925 (by Library of Congress) -
"...traces how Southern African Americans experienced and transformed Protestant Christianity into the central institution of community life." Search by keyword or browse the subject, author and titles indexes.
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic star (by Library of Congress) -
Exhibition Overview
Religion/ Theology
ATLA Religion Database Electronic Information Resources
Includes records, links, and abstracts for hundreds of theology and religion websites. Several sample websites are listed below.
show/ hide TIP: See how to find a list of 300+ websites with abstracts in ATLA.

Search/ Limit: In addition to using key terms to describe your topic, use some of the options below for a more sophisticated strategy.

- On the Advanced tab, for Limit your results to Publication Type, select Multimedia. Then, key in "electronic resource" in the TI Title field.
- Refine your results by marking Source Types: Multimedia (located in the left menu bar).
- As in the example shown below, use NOT to eliminate Publication Type: Review and Publication Type: Article, unless you are looking for reviews or articles.
Example below:  electronic resource NOT review* in Publication Type

"...Over 40,000 statistics for over 4,200 faith groups from all major and most minor religions, listing number of adherents, number of congregations, and number of countries. Includes both world totals and regional/country breakdowns"--Home page source code. [EBSCO ATLA electronic resource]
American Catholic Historical Society (Digitized library provided by Villanova Univ.)
The Bible Tool
"...a free, evolving open source tool for exploring the Bible and related texts online. Created by CrossWire Bible Society, the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Bible Society as the first in a number of coming Bible engagement tools using an XML standard called OSIS, we provide power searching capabilities and cutting edge tools to help you engage the Bible at a deeper level"--Title screen. [EBSCO ATLA electronic resource]
Codex Sinaiticus
"The Codex Sinaiticus Project is an international collaboration [including the British Library, Leipzig University Library in Germany, the Monastery of St. Catherine in Sinai and the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg] to reunite the entire manuscript in digital form and make it accessible to a global audience for the first time--About Page. Title from English title screen (viewed July 7, 2009). English, German, Greek, and Russian." [EBSCO ATLA electronic resource]
Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative - CDRI
"The Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative of the American Theological Library Association and Association of Theological Schools is a repository of digital resources contributed by member libraries. The creation of CDRI has been made possible by a generous grant from the Henry Luce Foundation"--Database title screen. [EBSCO ATLA electronic resource]
Documenta Catholica Omnia eBook Index
"...the official web site of the Cooperatorum Veritatis Societas, which publishes full text official versions of each written document belonging to the Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, in their original languages as well as in faithful translations.... Updated monthly. Includes material from Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologiae cursus completus: Series Latina published 1844-1864 and Series Graeca published 1833-1873. Title from title screen (viewed Mar. 6, 2009)"[EBSCO ATLA electronic resource]
Early Church Texts
"...a vast amount of information on the Early Church (from the first to the fifth century) and a growing number of original language Greek and Latin texts (now around 110, which are mainly extracts dealing with major themes and controversies). All the texts have online dictionary links, English translations, and notes"--Title screen page [EBSCO ATLA electronic resource]
North American Patristics Society
Dedicated to the Study of the History & Theology of Early Christianity Learn More
6,000+ articles and book chapters
"Topics include Old and New Testament, Theology, Ethics, History and Sociology of Religion, Communication and Cultural Studies, Pastoral Care, Counseling, Homiletics, Worship, Missions and Religious Education....Provides full text chapters, monographs, speeches and articles online. Title from title screen (viewed Mar. 7, 2005)." [EBSCO ATLA electronic resource]
Other Selected Web Resources Covering Religion
BUBL: Religion -
Librarians' Index to the Internet: Religion and Theology (directory) -
MEL: Religion (Michigan Electronic Library) -
Religious Studies Web Guide: Religious Group/Subject -
Theological Journals Search -
Searches 350 open access religious journals on multiple Web sites.
Virtual Religion Index (Rutgers University Religion Department) -
Wabash Center: Internet Guide to Religion -
Browse Subject Headings by "Aspects of religion" or "Religions--by faith traditions, geographical areas, or people groups."
Statistics and Data
The Gallup Organization
Polls on social issues, ethics, values, etc <h.ttp://>
FedStats -
Public interest statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies.
FedStats: Statistical Reference Shelf

EBSCOhost Folder

The EBSCOhost folder is a personal information management tool to save articles, save searches, create citations lists, write notes, and more. It can be accessed and used in any database in the EBSCO platform. To use the Folder feature, create a folder then sign in to your folder when you are in the EBSCO platform. Note: Items added to the default folder are NOT saved.

See: My EBSCOhost Folder - Tutorial (YouTube, 3:58 mins.)

± How to CREATE Your Folder:
  • Access an EBSCO database.
  • Click Sign In in the upper right.
  • Click I’m a new user and complete the form. (You do not need to use your network login for the username or password.)
  • Click Submit.

± How to USE Your Folder to add items to save and use later:
  • Log in to your EBSCOhost folder.
  • To add an item, click on the Add icon to the right of each item in the result list.
  • To add multiple items, click Share then choose items to add to the folder.

± How to VIEW ARTICLES in Your Folder:
  • Access an EBSCO database.
  • Click Sign In (in the blue menu bar at the top). Enter your username and password then click Login.
  • In your Folder, first click an item title link for the detailed record then click PDF, HTML, or linked full text to view the full text.

± How to PRINT/E-MAIL/SAVE Folder Items:

Select an item and click the title link to view the detailed record. Then, choose from the options under "Tools" in the right menu.

ebrary Bookshelf

The ebrary bookshelf allows you to store ebooks, create notes, highlight text, add Web links, and more.

  • Go to ebrary.
  • Click the Bookshelf tab (top left) then enter your ORU network login to create and log in to your Bookshelf. (Your username is your ORU email address without

    To delete ebook titles, highlights and notes, use the delete trash icon at the right in your folder.

See also: Key Points: Search Strategies and How to Find Articles.


Most databases have features or tools that allow you to copy and paste citations. However, always edit the citation to conform to proper citation style formatting and the requirements of your professor. Always consult the print style manual for exact formatting and punctuation.

The following examples are for frequently used resources.

  • RefWorks NEW!
  • Articles (EBSCO folder)
  • Books

RefWorks is a personal online bibliographic management tool, available through ORU, that allows you to create your own database to manage and store your information. Easily export citations, or records, from a variety of database formats and resources into your RefWorks account to store and manage the information. Learn more

RefWorks - Bibliography, Folders and Record View PDF
RefWorks Information Management Software PDF (shows how to select a citation style)

In your RefWorks account, select entries for citations and bibliographies, search the content, use folders to organize your content, and more.


Tutorials and Helps

JOURNAL ARTICLES in an Online Database

For a single citation in an EBSCO database, such as Academic Search Complete or ATLA Religion Database, click the article title to access the detailed record. Click the Cite button in the right toolbar then choose a citation style. Copy, paste, and edit the citation to match the course style requirements. (The "Tools" menu is only available on the detailed record; it is not on the results page.)

EBSCO citations Go there.

The EBSCO folder is a personal information management tool to save articles, save searches, create citations lists, write notes, and more. Create a folder then sign in to your folder.

Attention ATTENTION: To save your articles for later use, make sure you log in to your personal folder! Items added to the default folder are NOT saved.

For multiple citations use the EBSCO folder:

  1. After you add the articles to your personal folder, click Folder has items at the top of the page.
    In the folder:
  2. Click checkboxes to mark items to be cited.
  3. Click the Print icon (in the right toolbar).
    In the Print Manager window:
  4. Uncheck HTML Full Text box and Search History, if showing and checked.
  5. Choose a Citation Format.
  6. Click Print (items are reformatted for printing). PrinT or cancel, then save or copy/paste/edit the citations.
Examples below provide a content comparison between an EBSCO citation for Chicago/Turabian, Humanities style and the ORU Research & Writing Manual style. Edit EBSCOhost citations accordingly. Please note that the citation examples below do not include proper indentation.

Online article: Righteousness, Human and Divine by Carl Graesser.

Example of EBSCOhost citation format for Chicago/Turabian Humanities:

Graesser, Carl. "Righteousness, human and divine." Currents In Theology And Mission 10, no. 3 (June 1, 1983): 134-141. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, EBSCOhost (accessed January 23, 2014).

Sample citation from the ORU Research & Writing Manual (online version, p. 100; print, p. 99) and as updated by Dr. David Hebert:

Graesser, Carl. “Righteousness, Human and Divine.” Currents in Theology and Missions 10, no. 3 (June 1, 1983): 134-141. ATLA Religion Database, EBSCOhost (23 January 2014).

BOOKS in the ORU Library

If you use a book from the library, do a title keyword search in the library catalog, access the record, and then click How do I Cite this? (circled in the image below). Select the correct citation style (MLA) then copy/paste/edit the citation in your works cited list.

Library Catalog citation link Go there.


WorldCat CitationsBOOKS not in the ORU Library Catalog

Go to and search the book title.
Click the title to access the detailed record.
Click the Cite/Export link (shown right). Click a citation style then copy/paste/edit the citation, as needed.
Learn more: Citation Tools (YouTube 1:47 mins.)

Database QuickLinks

More Information = vendor's database description


How to Combine Your Searches

See: Combining Subjects or Subjects and Keywords PDF

Concept #1: Use a Subject Search

Click Indexes in the blue menu bar > For Browse an Index select Subjects ALL > In the Browse for text box type your subject > Click the Browse button > mark Term(s) to add in the search line > click Add > click Search

ATLA Subject Search

Concept #2: Use a Subject Search

Click the Scriptures link in the top menu.
Click a book or click "Expand" to drill down to select a chapter or verse.

ATLA Scripture Search

Combine Concept #1 and #2 Searches

  1. Click Search History (under the Select a Field option).
  2. Mark the checkbox for the searches to combine.
  3. Click Search with AND or Search with OR.
  4. > Choose Subjects ALL > type your subject > mark Term(s) > click Add > click Search

ATLA combined Search


  • The Search History link is a show/hide option. To hide the search history, click the link; to view, click the link again.
  • Any number of searches can be combined.
  • Searches can also be combined with new keywords in any field. Simply type the search # you want to use in the text field and add your keyword(s) on the other text rows.

How to Search Scripture References

In ATLA Religion Database, click the Scriptures link in the top menu.
Select a book or use the "Expand" link to drill down to select a chapter or verse.

EBSCO search

How to Search Hebrew or Greek Words

Key in Your Word(s)
In ATLA Religion Database, to search a Hebrew or Greek word as the subject type the following in the text box:

In the database top blue menu, choose Indexes under the More drop menu.
For Browse an Index:, select Subjects All from the drop menu.

Browse for: key in your transliterated using the format below

Hebrew language -- Terms -- add your search word
Greek language -- Terms -- add your search word

EBSCO search


Or, Browse Words in the Index
Click Indexes in the top menu. For Browse an Index: select Subjects All.

EBSCO Indexes

Type Greek language -- terms -- or Hebrew language -- terms -- in the Browse for text box. Press Enter to view a list of terms. Mark your term(s), click the Add button, and then click Search.

To add additional terms to your query, select an index then type your term in the Browse for text box.

Related guides:
Babylonian Talmud
Find... Dissertation/ Theses
Missions, Countries and Cultures
Theological Reference Books
Theological/ Biblical Word Studies


Finding a Hebrew Word in ATLA Video 1:00