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Church Music and Protestantism in Post-Reformation England

Adolescents, Music and Music Therapy : Methods and Techniques for Clinicians, Educators and Students

Blues Music in the Sixties : A Story in Black and White

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Music - Article Databases

Use databases to find articles, essays, book reviews and more in scholarly journals and magazines. Some databases may include books.

Oxford Music Online
Oxford Music OnlineFull text of The Oxford Companion to Music and The Oxford Dictionary of Music.
Search: Keyword or browse the Subject Entries
Oxford Music Online
See: Oxford Tips Sheet | Topical Guides & Timelines 
Academic Search Complete
Biography In ContextMusicians
Film & Television Literature Index with Full Text
Humanities International Complete
International Bibliography of Theater & Dance with Full Text

Subject areas include: cinema, film, music, musicians, opera and more.
± TIP: Use EBSCO's Aggregated Searching
EBSCO databases

Music - Subjects & Thesaurus

Subject headings, descriptors and thesauri are "controlled vocabulary." They are lists of pre-defined, carefully selected words and phrases used to identify and categorize information. A thesaurus, for example, may offer you related subjects, alternative terms, scope and/or details for topics.

Most database have several indexes that are specific to the database. Use a thesaurus or other relevant index to narrow your results or combine their use with keyword searching for more focused results.

Oxford Music Online Subject Entries

Below the Oxford Music Online logo is the browser bar with links to four indexes:

  • All Contents - lists all the articles in the database
  • Biographies - lists biographies only
  • Subject Entries (circled below) - lists the non-biographical articles only
  • Tools & Resources - links to guides, timelines and other research resources.

Osford Music Online Subject EntriesSelect the index you want to open, and then browse the alphabetical entries.

Click the Related Content Tab (shown right) to view more information related to the article/topic.


Using the Thesaurus in an EBSCO database

First, identify all the major concepts of your thesis or research topic. Second, use the thesaurus to locate, explore and select appropriate descriptors for each concept of your topic. Thesaurus In an EBSCO database:

  • Click Thesaurus in the top menu bar.
  • Type your term in the Browsing Thesaurus text box and select a browse function, such as Relevancy Ranked.
  • Click Browse.
    To display details of a term, click the term.
  • Click the checkbox in front of the terns(s) then click Add to move the thesaurus terms into the search text box. More...
    Browse for another descriptor or click search.

Or, try a keyword search, retrieve a record that looks relevant to your topic, and then note and/or use the subject descriptors for that record. Click on any descriptor for a new search on that subject.

Keyword vs. Subject/Thesaurus Searching

Whereas the common keyword search is based on an exact word match, a subject or thesaurus search locates records by assigned subject or descriptors. ERIC Thesaurus

Searching with controlled vocabulary allows you to more precisely retrieve relevant information on your topic, illustrates relationship between related terms and helps you identify synonyms and broader and narrower terms (shown right).

Keyword and controlled vocabulary searching can be combined. For example, rather than guessing what keywords to use consider doing a thesaurus (controlled vocabulary) search first. Review and assess your results. Then, add a keyword search to the query or use Search History to combine searches.

Music - Reference Materials

Credo Reference Center ORU database-- If you are off campus, includes distance learners, you will need to login.
Concept Map Examples:
     music in Music Category | music in All Subjects | opera | women in music
Find a Book:  All Subjects (click the Music link in the left sidebar)
Browse All Topic Pages by Category:  Music
Points of View Reference Center ORU database-- If you are off campus, includes distance learners, you will need to login.
Example:  music censorship
To choose topic of interest, on the Points of View Home page, click the View All Topics tab. Select a topic. To view the Point and Counterpoint articles, once you have a list of results, click the Points of View tab, if available.

In the Library and Timko Barton Listening Room

Reference RoomTo find titles in the Reference Room or the special Timko Barton music collection, use the Library catalog and limit your results to Reference Collection or Timko Barton Listening Room.

Books are shelved in Library of Congress (LC) call number order, so similar subjects will be shelved next to each other.

Library of Congress
Call Numbers
(partial list)

  Worship (Public and Private)
BV 305
  Literature of music
  Music instruction and study
Use the Library of Congress Classification OutlineMusic (M) and browse relevant call number sections in the reference and Timko Barton collections.

Selected Reference Books

  • American Musical Theatre - ML1711.B67, 2010
  • Baker's Dictionary of Opera - ML102.O6B26 LRC-R
  • The Complete Library of Christian Worship - BV10.2C65 LRC-R
  • The Dictionary of Hymnology - BV305.J8 LRC-R
  • Encyclopedia of American Gospel Music - ML102.T18
  • Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music - ML105.E52 LRC-R
  • Encyclopedia of the Piano - ML102.P5E53 LRC-R
  • The Hymn Tune Index- ML128.H8T46 LRC-R
  • Hymns and Tunes - BV305.D5 LRC-R
  • Index to Poetry in Music - ML460.C35, 2003
  • The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians - ML100.G885 LRC-R (Grove online)
  • Oxford Composer Companions: J.S. Bach - ML410.B1J15 LRC-R

Music - ORU ebooks

~70,000 academic ebooks from scholarly and professional publishers.
Musical Meaning and Human ValuesMusic star ~730 ebooks
Music History and Criticism ~330 ebooks
Music Therapy ~ 40 ebooks

arrow ebrary TIPs

  • For the most recently published ebooks to appear at the top of the list change "Sort results by" from Relevance to Date. 
  • To view the 20 most relevant chapters from your ebooks: do a search then click the Chapter Results tab. 
  • To browse ebrary titles in a specific call number section (shown below):
    Use Advanced search. Change Search in menu to LC Call Number. Type the call numbers(see LC outlines). Click Search ebrary.
    It's like browsing virtual ebrary shelves.
eBook Collection EBSCOMusic star



For general information on ebooks see the library guide How to Find Books & ebooks

Music - Journals

ORU A-to-Z Journals List (journals, magazines, trade publications, etc.)

In the Journals List, choose a title then follow the links to the full text.

After you access the journal title record you have the option to search within all issues of the publication or select a specific year, volume/issue to browse.


For general information see How to Find Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, etc.)

Music - Websites

Subject Directories
Annotated academic sites, subject databases, electronic journals and more selected by librarians. Drill down the Library of Congress Classification Directory. Browse Subjects for Music.
ipl2: Music
Directory of librarian-selected, annotated sites. ipl2 a merger of the Internet Public Library (IPL) and the Librarians' Internet Index (LII). Citing ipl2 Music Genres | Performance
The Library of Congress American Memory
Performing Arts, Music - 32 collections
Selected Sites
African-American Sheet Music 1850-1920 (Brown University Library)
All About Jazz
American Roots Music
Choral Music (email delivery music scores)
ChoralWIKI (Includes Choral Public Domain Library)
"Free choral/vocal scores, texts, translations, and other useful information."
Classical Archives
Sound bites of classical music. Free 14-day trial.
Classical Net
9,000+ pages, 20,000+ images and 5,500+ links to other classical sites.
Historic American Sheet Music: Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library at Duke University
The Muse's Muse
Musica International: Database of Choral Repertoire (Choral documentary search tool.)
Smithsonian (type "music" or other topic)
Composers and Musicians
Try a web search for the composer's name and "library". Example: mozart's library
Bach Bibliography
The Glenn Gould Archive (Library and Archives of Canada)
Virtual exhibition, audio tapes, research aids, writings.
The Hector Berlioz Website
J.S. Bach Home Page (Biography, works, recordings)
Leonard Bernstein Collection (Library of Congress)
Mozart"s Library
The Prokofiev Page
Richard Wagner Archive