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Before you begin, consider your searching options.

For search terms use:
variant spellings in the original language
English language variations, transliterations, etc.
narrower terms (in English and the original language)
related ideas (in English and the original language)
For a library catalog database, or Web site:
checkmark Use the indexes to browse and identify subject fields for your topics.
checkmark Search all relevant fields, such as author, title keyword, subject, etc.
checkmark Limit search results to original language (i.e. French or Spanish), if possible.
checkmark Use both the English and foreign language spelling.
  • Article Databases
  • Books
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  • Journals
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Modern Language - Article Databases

Use these to find scholarly articles, essays, book reviews, book chapters, conference papers and more. Some databases may include book chapters; some now include web site links with abstracts (click "Web" tab above).

EagleSearch - An EBSCO discovery tool. Tutorial flash
Includes: Gallica Bibliothèque Numérique and HathiTrust
Academic Search Complete
Includes multiple language resources.

— Offers access to more than 300,000 bibliographic citations from documents published in 2,600 scholarly journals published in the Spanish, Portuguese, French and English languages. Includes multiple language resources.
— Contains information from articles, essays, book reviews, monographs, conference proceedings, technical reports, interviews and brief notes published in journals edited in 24 different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as from publications that focus on Pan-American issues.
An internet portal with access to millions of digitized books, paintings, videos, films, museum objects and more. Produced by the Europeana Foundation and European cultural institutions, projects and partners. Offers automatic translations of search terms.
Literary Reference Center
Contains full text for 34,000+ plot summaries, 100,000 articles/essays of literary criticism, 179,000+ author biographies, 450 literary journals, 675,000+ book reviews, 74,000 poems, 18,000 short stories, and 6,100+ author interviews and more.More...
MasterFILE Premier
Google Scholar
Includes multiple language resources.
America: History and Life with Full Text
Includes multiple language resources.
Historical Abstracts with Full Text
Includes multiple language resources.
Humanities International Complete
Includes multiple language resources.
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EBSCO databases

Modern Language - Books

See: Find... Books & ebooks

Identify your key concepts and terms then try a variety of searches in the ORU library catalog, WorldCat, GoogleBooks and other book databases. When you find a book, use the Table of Contents and book index to find your topic or subject and to see how it relates to other topics. (This may offer ideas for new search terms.)

Try a simple keyword search.

Search available subject fields, such as Subject keyword, subject begins with, etc.

For information about a book:

  • Use the book's title for a subject search
  • Search the title in its original language and English translation
  • Use any variant spellings

For information about an author:

  • Use the author's name for a subject search
  • Search any variant spellings
  • Limit to a foreign language, if possible
Google books free on the Web
Includes some book previews and complete books available. More...
Connects to books with the Library Project and Partner Program. If the book is out of copyright, or the publisher has given permission, Google Books provides a preview of the book. If the book is in public domain, you can freely download a PDF copy.
Search for books then click a title. In the book record use "Find in Library" (left sidebar) to link to the item record in, as shown below. See PDF.
GoogleBooks links to WorldCat free on the Web

TIP: Use Advanced Search to limit your items to a specific language.
If the book is not available at ORU, use the Interlibrary Loan 'Request Item' option in WorldCat (shown below). Or, you can use the online ILL Request Form.
WorldCat record

In the Library
Books are shelved in Library of Congress (LC) call number order, so similar subjects will be shelved next to each other. Search the author, keyword or title you need in the library catalog to see if the book is available at ORU.
See: Library of Congress Classification Outline | ORU Modified LC Outline.

Modern Language - eBooks

ebrary ORU database-- If you are off campus, includes distance learners, you will need to login. Includes multiple language resources.
arrow TIP: Chapter Results
Do a search. Click the Chapter Results tab to view the 20 most relevant chapters from your ebooks results list.
arrow TIP: Call Number Sections (shown right)
To browse ebrary titles in a specific call number section: Use Advanced search. Change Search in menu to LC Call Number. Type the call numbers (see LC outlines). Click Search ebrary.
arrow TIP: Language Limits
To find books in a specific language, use advance search and change Search in menu to Document Language (options include English, Spanish, French, and German).
Project Gutenberg Free on the Web

Browse ebooks by Language: French | Spanish
Credo Reference Center ORU database-- If you are off campus, includes distance learners, you will need to login.

For general information on ebooks see: Find...Books & ebooks

Modern Language - Periodicals & eJournals

A to Z Journals List (journals, magazines, trade publications, etc.)

Classe Periodica Database All indexed titles (more than 3,000)

If you have an article citation and need to find the full-text article see: Find...Articles

For general information see: Find...Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, etc.)

Modern Language - Sr. Paper TIPS & ILL



Professors are an excellent resource. Consider an interview with or email to someone who has

  1. traveled to your area of interest,
  2. researched your topic, or
  3. published relevant information.

Organizations and associations can also provide helpful information. As an example, search france association in a search engine.

Encyclopedia Britannica, which includes biographies, historical events, timelines, video clips and much more, may be an excellent resource for background information. Browse media clips by subject.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
Contact ILL at 918-495-7377 or
Interlibrary Loan Request Form

  • Determine that the ORU Library does not own the item you need BEFORE requesting it through interlibrary loan.
  • Some items are available nearby; others may take a week or more to obtain from out-of-state.
  • The $2.00 per item ILL request fee for students is waived after you attend the sr. paper LIBBI.
  • You will receive an email when your item(s) is ready to pick up. (Some journal articles are available from lending libraries in PDF format and can be emailed directly to you.)
  • Pick up your items at the circulation desk.
  • Submit only one request form for each article. (Note: The form is submitted each time the submit button is used, regardless of whether the "required fields" have been completed.
  • After submitting a request, check your ORU email for the confirmation, which includes the citation information.

When making an ILL request, remember to include 1) sr. paper student, 2) no charge and 3) had LIBBI. You may paraphrase but include all three points.


Modern Language - Web

Selected Sites
Cooperative project to digitize main text of literature. Includes texts in French, Spanish and Portuguese, German.
Online Text Collections in Western European Literature
Includes "literary texts in the western European languages other than English." About
Embassy of France in the United States
Features information on current news about French foreign policy, articles, fact sheets, links to French Web sites and more. Free subscriptions to Daily Press Briefing, Standpoint (France's official position), and American Press Review.
French Culture (by Mohamed Mekkawi, Howard University)
Selective list of links to sites (in French) about French history, culture, government, current events, search tools and more.
Le Monde Interactif
France's major daily newspaper
Online European newspapers listed by country.

Database QuickLinks

Click the More Information to link to the vendor's database descriptions.

EagleSearch - The EBSCO Discovery Tool (View Tutorial flash)