Librarian's TIP:   Locate the full text of an "Essay" found in the ATLA Religion Database

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The ATLA Religion Database indexes more than 260,200 essays in addition to articles and book reviews. Essays are part of "multi-authored works" (i.e. books) and are not found in journals. If an essay citation appears in your result list, to locate the essay search the ORU Library catalog, or other library catalog, for the "book" title.

See Librarian's TIP: How to locate thee full text of an "Essay" found in the ATLA Religion Database.

The sample results below show a record from the ATLA Religion Database, a library catalog search for the “book” title, and the beginning of the ebook full text of the essay.

  1. Look at the "Publication Type" to identify that it is an essay.

    Essay in ATAL Religion Database

  2. Search the book title in the library catalog to determine if ORU has item.
    If it is available at ORU, record the call number and then locate the book on the library shelves.

    If the essay is in an ebook, as shown in the example below, click the link “view content of…ebook.”
    Library Catalog title search

    Refer back to the essay record (shown below).

    Essay Record

    Key in the page number once you access the ebook. In this instance, key in 189. Press ENTER.

    Essay in ebook

Other publication types with retrieval options are listed below.

Publication Type: Article

To view an article: Click Check for full text to see if ORU has the journal, whether in print, microfilm or another database. Look for the date you need and drill down through the links.

Publication Type: Essay

An essay title will be in a multi-author work, such as a book. Search the library catalof for the book title. Record the call number to find the book on the shelves or link to the ebook, if available.
If the book is not available at ORU, request the item through Interlibrary Loan.

Other Publication Type:
Book Review

A book review is often available in full text. However, to get the book (full text) you will need to search the library catalog and identify if ORU owns the book. If not, you would request it through Interlibrary Loan.
To view/read the review: Click the "full text" link
To find the book: Search "book" title in the Library catalog.