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Use the Library Catalog to Find Multimedia Materials

ORU Library Catalog: Advanced Keyword Search
Find audiocassettes, DVD's, sound recordings and other library multimedia items.
Key in the title, subject, keyword, author or other information that identifies what you need. Limit the results by selecting from the drop menu options as shown below.
Library Catalog collections Library Catalog material types
Change View Entire Collection to DVD's, audiobooks, Timko Barton Listening Room, etc. Change "Material Type" to the type of item you need. For multiple selections, depress the CTRL Key while making your choices.

Multimedia Materials In ORU Databases

Several databases include audio and video materials; most databases contain images.

Creedo Reference multimediaCredo Reference Center

Sample video: DNA replication in The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather Guide.

Key in your topic or concept.
If the results contain audio or video, then a tab will be shown in the left menu to allow you to isolate entries with the desired media type (shown right, circled in red).

Or, in the Advanced Search key in your topic then click Entries with the following features.
In the Limit your search to box, set a search limit, such as Entries with audio.


Biography in Context

More than 800,466 Videos.
Use Advanced Search.
Key in a term in the Search for text box at the top right.
Select Content Type: Videos.

Biography In Context


Points of View Reference

Sample Video: Espionage (Click the Videos tab to see the list of videos.)
Use Advanced Search.
Key in your term(s). Select Document Types: Video.
Available videos will be listed on the Video tab (shown right, circled in red).

Points of View videos

Multimedia Materials - Library Locations

Library student assistantsThe main DVD collection is located next to the Circulation service area, LRC-4th floor. DVD's are shelved in alphabetical title order with some titles grouped into prominent categories, such as Series and Educational and Inspirational.

The main Audiobook collection, shown right, is located along the back wall by the Circulation service area.

Library student assistants are available to help.

Multimedia materials are also located in special collections and other areas of the library. The item's Library catalog record identifies the location, as shown in the two examples below.

Phonorecord located in TBM-Timko Barton Listening Room TBM library record
Audiovisual item located in the HSRC HSRC library catalog record

CMC—Curriculum Media Center


Library Catalog: Curriculum Media Center ~9554 results

The CMC is located on the 5th floor of the LRC. It contains the audiovisual collection of slides, tapes and cassettes, as well as children's literature, media for grades K-12, and other materials teachers use to develop curriculum.

HSRC—Holy Spirit Research Center

Holy Spirit Research CenterAll materials in the HSRC pertain to Pentecostal-charismatic studies.

The collection includes more than 4,500 audio tapes and cassettes, in addition to hundreds of sound recordings, films, and photographs.

Video: VHS & DVD
Audio: cassette tape and CD


Dr. Mark E. Roberts
918-495-6898 or

Note: The Center holds a special, non-circulating collection. As such, all materials must be used in the Holy Spirit Research Center.

Selected Multimedia Exhibits and Sites

CHNM: Collecting + Exhibiting
"Bringing history to audiences worldwide by collecting digital records, archiving documents of the past, and presenting historical exhibits." Provided by Center for History and New Media.
Exhibits and Theaters
"Washington, D.C.'s most interactive museum."
Open Culture
"The best free cultural & education media on the web." Free courses, audio books, movies, textbooks, language lessons, and more.
Selected YouTube Channels for Educational Videos
National Geographic:
TED Talks:
"TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes."