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Did you know?
Most ORU periodicals are available online, though some journal and magazine titles may only be available in the ORU library, or "in-house."

For periodicals at ORU, the media of publication include:
• print current issues and bound volumes,
• microfilm,
• online ORU databases and
• Web open access journals.

Shelved journals

  • Resources
  • Find a Title
  • Find an Issue/Date
  • Jargon
  • Special Collections
  • Formats

Periodicals - Resources

Periodical is the generic name for a "periodic" publication, such as newspaper, journal, or magazine published at a regular interval.

The ORU library subscribes to more than 24,000 periodicals in a variety of publication media, with most titles available full text online. Online full text titles include links to the full text with options to browse a single issue or search all issues to find an article.

To find a title search the ORU Publication Finder.

Partial Title Lists
Titles from the resources below are included in the A-to-Z Journals List but you may wish to search them independent of the Journals List.
ORU Library Catalog   ~3,525 unique titles
Use for "in-house" periodical titles, those located in the library such as current and bound print issues, microform, CD-ROM formats. The library catalog does NOT include online periodical titles.
Cambridge Journals ~6 subscribed to Journals; 4 free Journals
E-Journals (EJS, Electronic Journals Service) ~100 Journal titles
Open Access Journals
ipl2: Newspapers & Magazines (Internet Public Library & Librarians Internet Index)
Gold Rush Journals by Title (Full Text)
Nature has open access to more than half the 2011 papers.

Periodicals - How to Find a Title

Step 1:  Go to Publication Finder and key in a title or keyword.
Note: If you are unsure of the exact title, mark "Contains" for the Search Type.

Step 2: Choose a title from the list.

Step 3: Under your chosen title, click a database name that shows the dates you need. Follow the links to the full text.

On the detailed record page there may be an option to select the year/date and volume/issue or browse articles in that title. 

When a title is available in paper, CD-ROM or microform only, or when the online version does not provide the issue you need, if available, use the Oral Roberts University Library Holdings link. This will take you to the title record in the library catalog, which lists dates/issues held in the Library.

Remember, the Publication Finder is used to find periodicals, not articles.

To Search Partial Title Lists Use the Library Catalog or a Specific Database
ORU Library Catalog
Limit your search to "Periodical Title" (shown right).
Library Catalog Periodicals
Periodicals in Individual Databases
In a database, such as ATLA Religion, use the "Publications" link for the list of periodicals in that database. Options include search, view and limit searches to publications. Remember that each database has a limited number of selected titles.
ATLA Publications

Periodicals - How to Find a Specific Issue or Date

Step 1:  Go to Publication Finder and key in the title.

Step 2:  Choose a title from the list.

Step 3:  Click a database name that is listed under the title you searched.
If more than one database is listed, choose the one with the dates you need.

Step 4:  In the periodical detailed record, choose the year/date or volume/issue. There may be an option to browse or search for articles within all issues of the journal.

See: How to Find Articles library guide

Periodicals - Jargon

Periodical is simply the generic name for a publication that comes out on a regular or "periodic" rate, including magazines, journals and trade publications.

Magazine Trade Publication Journal
—Contains articles of interest to the public.
—No peer-reviewed or scholarly articles.
Examples: Newsweek, Consumer Reports
—Directed toward a discipline, subject, or professional group.
May include scholarly articles, popular topics, conference information, etc.
Example: Library Journal
Contains scholarly articles written by experts concerning research in professional and academic fields.

Peer reviewed — means experts in the field evaluated the validity of an article before publication. Refereed refers to journals or articles that are peer reviewed. Examples: Studies in Latin American Popular Culture, Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare; Foreign Affairs.

Index — points to where the information can be found; similar to the index of a book. Some databases are indexes and, as such, include citations of articles but no full text though they may include abstracts. Although there are print indexes, most periodical indexes are online databases.

Citation — used to document sources and usually includes author, article title, periodical title, volume, issue, date, and page number(s), the necessary information to find the article. For electronic resources (databases and web sites) you may need additional information when writing a citation, such as APA's "doi" (digital object identifier).

Abstracts — brief summaries that are included in most databases.

Full text — refers to the complete article; most often in electronic format.

Periodicals - Special Collections

Although most periodicals are shelved in the Periodicals Area in LINC, LRC-4th floor, the library has several special collections shelved elsewhere.

Periodicals that are shelved in a special collection, such as those in the Holy Spirit Research Center, will have an abbreviated location code (shown left, below) in the ORU library catalog record.

Code   Collection Name and Location
HSRC  = Holy Spirit Research Center, 5th floor
LRC-P  =  Periodicals/ Microform (newspapers, magazines, etc.), Library Information Commons, 4th floor
 =  Reference Collection, Library Information Commons, 4th floor
THE-LAS  =  LaSor Collection (theology), 4th floor
(Go to the Circulation Desk for assistance.)
TBM  =  Timko Barton Listening Room

Periodicals - Formats and Locations

The Periodicals Area, LRC-4th floor, is the primary location for in-house periodicals. In the Library Information Commons, LINC, computers are available for online periodicals.

  Database An electronic resource of information (articles, books, journals, etc.) that includes indexes and citations but may also include abstracts an full text.
laptop Full Text Online Available on and off campus on any computer with Internet access when you are logged in with your ORU network login or SSO. (Your username is your ORU email address without
CD-ROM CD-ROM Available on a designated computer in the Periodicals area
newspaper Current Issues Arranged alphabetically by title in bins along the wall.
Books Bound Volumes Arranged by call number on the stacks in the Periodicals area.

Microfilm - A strip of film wound on a spool that contains journal or magazine articles.

Arranged by call number then volume and issue dates in the file cabinets.

Shelved in the microfilm cabinets, LRC-4th floor, Periodicals Area. Special