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Chronicle of Higher Education
Sample eBooks
Creative Leadership Signposts in Higher Education...
Creative Leadership Signposts in Higher Education:...Turn Left at the Duck Pond!
Ending Social Promotion Without Leaving Children Behind:
Ending Social Promotion Without Leaving Children Behind...

Rethinking School Feeding : Social Safety Nets ...
Rethinking School Feeding: Social Safety Nets, Child Development...

NASA's Elementary and Secondary Education Program
Nasa's Elementary and Secondary Education Program
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Education Databases

Use databases to find scholarly articles, essays, book reviews, videos, trade publications and more. Look for citation tools that allow you to copy/paste/edit or export your selected citations. Other special features may include personal storage and management tools, permalinks, text-to-speech function, aggregated searching and more.

EagleSearch - Searches multiple databases across formats and media. Use the advance search to mark selected disciplines. See EBSCO's Tutorial flash.
Education Source
View EBSCO Tutorial
Explora Educator's Edition
Teacher resources such as student tools, curriculum standards, and research starting points for topics of interest to educators.
Professional Development Collection
Teacher Reference Center Free on the Web
Provides original, in-studio movies of authors and illustrators (go to Author & Book Resources then Meet-the-Author Movies) and other multimedia resources on K-12 books to support reading and library activities for all grades and content areas. More
For additional biographical resources see the Biographical Information library guide or search the author in Biography in Context database.
Academic Search Complete
Google Scholar - Peer-reviewed articles; some indexing, some free full text. In "settings," select "Library links" and key in, or select, Oral Roberts University Library to include E-resources @Oral Roberts.

K-12 Databases
Book Collection: Nonfiction - Elementary School Edition
Book Collection: Nonfiction - High School Edition
Book Collection: Nonfiction - Middle School Edition
Explora Elementary Student Research
Explora Middle School Student Research
Kids Search (Specially designed elementary/middle school search interface)
MAS Ultra - School Edition
Middle Search Plus
Primary Search
Includes "Teacher Resources." Kid-friendly interface to Primary Search, Middle Search Plus, Encyclopedia of Animals, Funk & Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia, American Heritage Children's Dictionary, and an image collection.
Student Research Center
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EBSCO databases

Library research guide: How to Find periodical Articles

What is the ERIC Thesaurus? Why Use it?

Lists of pre-defined, carefully selected words and phrases used to identify and classify information or define contents of, for example, an article, are called "controlled vocabulary." These include subject headings, descriptors, and the education-related list called the ERIC Thesaurus.

Whereas the common keyword search is based on an exact word match, a subject or thesaurus search locates records by assigned subject or descriptors. Using controlled vocabulary in a search brings up results that are defined, categorized or identified by the controlled vocabulary term(s). So, rather than guessing what keywords to use, consider using controlled vocabulary, such as the ERIC Thesaurus to:

  • more precisely retrieve relevant information on a topic,
  • illustrate relationship between related terms,
  • and identify synonyms and broader or narrower terms.

How to Use the ERIC Thesaurus

ORU Education databases use the ERIC Thesaurus and an online ERIC Thesaurus is also available to view terms alphabetically or by category. Read the ERIC FAQs. which allows you to browse subject terms assigned to items in the database

As you begin your search, identify major concepts of your thesis or research topic. Then, use the ERIC thesaurus to browse and explore subject terms for each concept of your topic. A thesaurus will often provide lists of broader, narrower, and related terms.

  1. Thesaurus Go to Education Source or ERIC database.
  2. Click Thesaurus in the top menu bar.
  3. Key in your term in the Browsing: Education Source - Thesaurus text box and select a browse function, such as Relevancy Ranked. Click Browse.
    Tip: To explode a term and display details, click the term.
  4. Mark the checkbox(es) in front of the term(s) you want to use, then click Add to move the thesaurus terms into the search text box at the top of the page.
  5. Browse for another descriptor to add or click search.


  • Combine keyword and ERIC thesaurus searches.
  • Use the Search History to combine searches.
  • Select a relevant article then click on a listed subject or thesaurus term for that article to get a new search result list for your selected term.
  • Use quotes to search phrases.

Education - Reference Materials

Selected eReference Titles
Credo Reference Center ORU database-- If you are off campus, includes distance learners, you will need to login.
View titles by subject.
Gale Virtual Reference Library: Education ORU database-- If you are off campus, includes distance learners, you will need to login.
Keyword search: education (~156,410 results)
→ Limit search by document type, publication type, or subject.
→ Or, drill down your results by a "Search within results."
Points of View Reference Center ORU database-- If you are off campus, includes distance learners, you will need to login.
Example: Education Standards

The Library Reference Collection, LRC-4th Floor
The print reference collection includes subject encyclopedias, specialized dictionaries, handbooks, and similar materials. To find specific reference titles, use the Library catalog and limit the results to "Reference Collection." Or, just browse the shelves in the "L" call number section for education-related reference books. Books are shelved in Library of Congress (LC) call number order, so similar subjects will be shelved next to each other.
See: Library of Congress Classification Outline -- Education.

Reference books cannot be checked; however, some titles may have a duplicate in the main collection that is available for checkout. Search the title you need in the library catalog to see if the book is located elsewhere in the library and available for checkout.

Education - Books

Try a keyword or subject search. Once you find a book of interest, click the title to access the detailed record and note the table of contents and/or subject headings for additional terms to search.

eBooks Sample Titles:

ebrary: Education (~2,609 ebooks)

Sample Subject Searches (with links to results)
ebrary: Conduct of Life ~100 ebooks
ebrary: Early Childhood Education ~60 ebooks
ebrary: Universities and Colleges 140+ ebooks


  • For the most recently published ebooks to appear at the top of the list change "Sort results by" from Relevance to Date.
  • To view the 20 most relevant chapters from your ebooks: do a search then click the Chapter Results tab.
  • To browse ebrary titles in a specific call number section (shown below):
    Use Advanced search. Change Search in menu to LC Call Number. Type the call numbers(see LC outlines). Click Search ebrary.
    It's like browsing virtual ebrary shelves.

eBook Collection: Education (330+ ebooks) EBSCO More...
Restricts full text to 1-5 simultaneous readers. Free downloads. See the Help pages and Downloading eBooks Tutorial.
Library research guide: How to find... Books & eBooks

Education - Journals

Use the Publication Finder to find available publications. Try an exact title search or browse by discipline. Example: Education (~2,723 journal titles)

Sample Academic Titles:

Sample Trade Publications:

Leadership Journal.netSome titles, such as Leadership Journal, by Christianity Today, are available open access online and in hard copy (print) in the periodicals area, LRC-4th floor. To browse the online issue, go to Leadership and select a topic in the left menu or just click go. To search, key in your concepts then, from the drop menu if not selected, choose Leadership and click go.

Christianity Today Online Christianity Today International
View issue table of contents and some PDF Web exclusives.
See: How to find... Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, etc.)

Education - Statistics & Selected Websites

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) on YouTube
USEDGov on YouTube
National Center for Education Statistics (ies, Institute of Education Sciences)
"The primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education."
Provides "a comprehensive overview and analysis of the state of education in the US and comparisons to other countries." Includes:
Publications & Products Search
Digest of Education Statistics - Statistics covering American education, kindergarten - graduate school. 400+ tables from many sources, both government and private.
Education Statistics Quarterly, free full text online. Free copies can be ordered.
Fast Facts
International Data Table Library star
Projections of Education Statistics to 2018
Official site of the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics.
Memos on Measures of Social-Emotional Development in Early Childhood, by Subdomain PDF
Education Publications (ED Pubs) star (Dept. of Education)
6,000+ free titles (brochures, posters, research reports, videotapes and more)
ED Pubs: Top 10 Publications
The Gallup Organization
Polls on social issues, ethics, values, etc. Try a general search for education.
Statistical Abstract 2012: Education
Statistical Abstract of the U.S., Education PDF Report (52 pp.) ProQuest
U.S. Census Bureau
About School Enrollment
American FactFinder
Education Topics
Educational Attainment in United States: 2010 - Detailed Tables
• Newsroom: Kindergarten in America, Chris
• Newsroom: News Releases
UNESCO's Institute for Statistics: Education Data (United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture)
Fact Sheets: Education
Library research guide: How to find... Statistics

Database QuickLinks

Click the More Information to link to the vendor's database descriptions.

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