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This guide provides access to business databases, web sites, government publications and more. Use the tabs above to find the business information you need. Resources are listed by type (articles, ebooks, journals and newspapers) and grouped by topics or subjects, such as where to find company information, general environment and demographic data, and global business.

Try EagleSearch - An EBSCO discovery tool that searches multiple databases across formats and media. Use the advance search to mark selected disciplines, such as "Business & Management" or "Marketing." See: EDS - EBSCO Discovery Service Tutorial flash

Business Database Chart
The chart below lists ORU's business databases along with brief descriptions and recommendations for use:

  Business News

Trade Journal Articles

Scholarly Articles

Data & Profiles
Data & Profiles
Economic & Investment Reports Country Profiles
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Database Name Recommended for:

Trade Journal Articles

Scholarly Articles Company Data & Profiles Industry Data & Profiles Economic & Investment Reports Country Profiles

Academic Search Complete

X X X        

Business Source Complete



eStatement Studies         X    
First Research         X    
Hoover's       X      

Mergent Online

      X X   X
Morningstar Investment Research Center       X   X  

Newspaper Source Plus

ReferenceUSA       X      
Regional Business News X            
Science Direct: Business Titles     X        
Small Business Reference Center X X     X    

Standard & Poor's Net-Advantage

      X X X X
Value Line Pro Elite         X    
Wall Street Journal ProQuest X            

Academic Search Complete - Multidisciplinary database (business and other subjects); primarily scholarly literature.

business news trade journal articles scholarly articles        

Business Source Complete More... - Company & industry profiles; full-text articles from business press, trade journals and scholarly journals; videos from Harvard Business School


business news trade journal articles scholarly articles company data/profiles industry date/profiles economic & investment reports country profiles

Country-Watch - Demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental information on the world's countries.


            country profiles

eStatement Studies - Industry ratios and comparative industry data from Risk Management Association's Financial Ratio Benchmarks and Industry Default Probabilities and Cash Flow Measures.
          industry data/profiles    

First Research


        industry data/profiles    



      company data/profiles      

Mergent Online - Financial data for publicly traded U.S. companies (active and inactive) listed on the NYSE, AMEX and MASDAQ exchanges. See: Mergent Online Help | Quick Tips


      company data/profiles industry data/profiles   country profiles

Morningstar Investment Research Center - Financial data and premium research on stocks, mutual funds and EFT's; market outlook.
        company data/profiles   economic & investment reports country profiles

Newspaper Source Plus - 860+ full text newspapers, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Times (UK); features 857,000+ TV & radio news transcripts.


business news            

        company data/profiles      

Regional Business News Plus - Full text of regional business journals, newspapers and newswires from cities and towns in every region of the U.S.
  business news            

Science Direct: Business Titles - Full text scholarly journals published by Elsevier; more than 1,000 in the fields of Business, Management and Accounting.
      scholarly articles        

Small Business Reference Center - Current articles, ebooks and videos on topics relevant to small business and entrepreneurship; contains start-up kits, business plan basics, and many state-specific resources.
  business news trade journal articles     industry data/profiles    

Standard & Poor's Net-Advantage - Provides full text access to S&P research and data on companies, industries, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the economy. Includes educational resources.


      company data/profiles industry data/profiles economic & investment reports country profiles

Value Line Pro Elite - Limited to 8 users. Value Line Handout PDF
            economic & investment reports  

Wall Street Journal ProQuest - Full text access to the Wall Street Journal 1984 to present.
  business news            

Business Articles

To find articles on a particular topic, industry or company, search one of the databases listed below.
EagleSearch - An EBSCO discovery tool that searches multiple databases across formats and media. Use the advance search to mark selected disciplines, such as "Business & Management" or Marketing. Tutorial flash
Academic Search Complete ORU database
American City Business Journals
Search current and back issues of business newspapers in 40 major cities.
Business Source Complete ORU database
Indexing and full-text of journals in marketing, management, MIS, accounting, finance, and economics; includes full-text; books, investment research reports, industry reports, market research reports, and company profiles. EBSCO  Tutorial | More...
Newspaper Source Plus ORU database
Regional Business News Plus ORU database
Small Business Reference Center ORU database
Wall Street Journal ORU database ProQuest
Full text access to the Wall Street Journal 1984 to present.
See: How to Find the Full Text of an Article (Example from Harvard Business Review) PDF
Library research guide: How to Find Articles

Business Books

To look up books on companies and other areas of business, search the ORU library catalog using keywords, subjects or company names.
Keyword Search Examples:
companies | manufacturers | corporations | international business environment
Subject Search Examples:
customer relations -- management | branding (marketing) | corporate culture | internet marketing
Some major companies may be listed by name under the subject search.
Title Keyword Search Example:
social customer
For reference books 1) browse the social sciences call number sections in the Reference Collection or 2) search the library catalog and limit the results to "Reference Collection."
Business eBooks
All titles from ORU's ebook collections are included the library catalog, with links to the full text. To find and access ebooks, search the library catalog or search an ebook database, such as ebrary and eBook Collection, ORU's two main ebook databases.
In the catalog, limit the search results to ebooks, choose an ebook title, and then click the title link to access the record. Click View content of ...E-book link to go to the ebook full text. (shown below)
Library catalog ebook links
ebrary: Business and Economics ~16,540 full text academic titles
Business Planning ~105 ebooks
New Business Enterprises ~92 ebooks
Business and Technological innovations ~79 ebooks
• To refine search results, mark the checkboxes in front of relevant subjects and click Search.
• Click a subject term in the ebook's record for a list of new search results on the selected subject.
• Search using LC Call numbers.
• For the most recently published ebooks to appear at the top of the list, sort the results by date.
eBook Collection EBSCO - A multi-disciplinary collection of 9,600 ebooks.
Browse a category, such as Business & Economics, or do a keyword search.
NOTE: Full text viewing is restricted to 1-5 simultaneously readers.
Credo Reference: Business Finance & Economics
Browse the Business Topic Pages or try a mind map search.
To see the business titles, click here then choose "Business" in the left menu.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Titles include:
Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries, 5th ed., 2007
Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns, 2007
Encyclopedia of Products & Industries - Manufacturing, 2v, 2008
Everyday Finance: Economics, Personal Money Management, and Entrepreneurship, 2v, 2008
See all titles.
Library research guide: See How to Find Books & ebooks.

Business Journals, Magazines and Trade Publications

To see if a journal or other periodical is available in the ORU Library, use the Publication Finder.
Sample Titles by Subject/Discipline:
Banking, Finance & Investment ~229 Journal Titles
Business ~500 Journal Titles
Business & Management ~128 Journal Titles
Economics ~610 Journal Titles
Industry ~602 Periodical Titles (journals, newsletters, and newspapers)
International Economics ~59 Periodical Titles (journals, proceedings and reports)
See other discipline categories in the Publication Finder. Limit any result list by specific subjects using Subject > Show More links in the left menu.
Example of Exact Title Search:
SWOT Analysis ~4,037 Titles
Periodical titles may be available in multiple formats (print, online, microform) and/or multiple databases. When you find a journal title full text availability options will be listed beneath it.
  • For titles that are available online, the database(s) with full text will be listed. Click a database listed under the title and follow the links to what you need.
  • Titles that are available "in-house" (paper, CD-ROM or microform) will have a link to Oral Roberts University Library Catalog.
Library research guide: See How to Find Periodicals (Journals, Magazines, etc.)

Business Newspapers

To see if a newspaper is available in the library, use the Publication Finder. Find a title then follow the links to the full text.
Print Copies in the Library
Newspapers are located in the Periodicals Ares, 4th floor LRC, LINC. Newspapers must remain in the LINC area. The library keeps the current three months in the wooden shelf unit located in the center of the room. Records for print "in-house" newspaper title are in the ORU Library catalog.
Titles include Barron's, Chronicle of Higher Education, Oklahoma Eagle, Tulsa Business & Legal News, Tulsa World, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.
Newspaper Databases
To find a newspaper title in a database, use the Publications link (or similar), usually located in the top menu bar. Key in the title you need and follow the links to the newspaper full text. Note any full text date limits or restrictions..
American City Business Journals
Search current and back issues of business newspapers in 40 major cities.
National Newspaper Core ORU database ProQuest
News (AP, UPE, etc.) EBSCO
Provides near real-time access to top world-wide news from Associated Press on a continuous basis. Includes AP Top News, WorldStream, Financial News, AP Online, U.S. Politics & Government and 50 State Reports. Links to full text of the NewsMonitor-delivered web content.
Newspaper Source Plus ORU database EBSCO
Regional Business News ORU database EBSCO
Online regional business publications; includes some newspapers.
Wall Street Journal ORU database ProQuest
Full text access to the Wall Street Journal 1984 to present.
Web News EBSCO
News feeds. Provides near real-time access to thousands of top news feeds from around the globe. Includes over 5,000 feeds across a range of business and general news topics.
Library Research Guide: How to Find Newspapers

Company Information

Business Source Complete - DatamonitorBusiness Source Complete ORU database
• Articles from trade journals and other business periodicals
• MarketLine Reports - Company Profiles and SWOT analysis
Hoover's ORU database
ReferenceUSA ORU database
See Tutorials: "How to find a business" and "ReferenceUSA and Entrepreneurship"
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage ORU database
Standard & Poors NetAdvantage
Company Profiles
• Corporation Records
• Custom Report Builder
• Compustat Excel Analytics (annual and quarterly financials and ratios); available on campus only
International Directory of Company Histories (5 vols.) – call #HD2721.I63 LRC-R
  • Directories
  • Public Company Financials
  • Private Companies
Use directories to find brief information and place the company in the industry. Directories provide name and address verification, an indication of the company's size, its products or services, its industry codes (NAICS and/or SIC), and may include a ticker symbol or stock exchange designation. You may need to check more than one directory listed below, as the amount of information provided on a company will vary.
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage ORU database
Directory of Security Brokers
Register of Executives
Register of Private Companies
Register of Public Companies
Book of Lists (current) - call #HF5068.T859 LRC-R
Ranked lists of Tulsa businesses, non-profit organizations and other institutions.
Hoover's ORU database
ReferenceUSA ORU database
Directory of manufacturers including detailed company and product information, searchable by company, product or brand name.
solusorce (formerly Thomas Global Register)
International directory of manufacturers and distributors of industrial products and services.
Mergent Online ORU database
• Current and historical financials, including ratios
• Custom report builder
• Debt, ownership and other details
• Stock data
See: Mergent Online Quick Tips PDF
Morningstar Investment Research Center
• Financial data and premium research on stocks, mutual funds and EFT's
• Market outlook
Securities and Exchange Commission
Companies trading stock on U.S. stock exchanges are required to file annual and quarterly financial and other corporate information with the SEC.
Tutorial for EDGAR Database of Company Information
Company Search
EDGAR Full-text Search
Mutual Fund Prospectus Search
Key SEC Forms
• Form 10-K — annual financial report filed 90 days after fiscal year end
• Form 10-Q — quarterly financial report
• Form 8-K — interim report of material changes or corporate events
• Registration statements — prospectus of new stock offering, also knows as IPO (Initial Public Offering) or S-1
• 20-F — annual report of foreign companies trading on a U.S. stock exchange (may not be available on SEC website—check company Investor Relations website)
• Annual Report to the Shareholders (ARS) — not an official SEC filing - designed to communicate directly to shareholders using graphics and additional information about corporate strategy and opportunities (not available on SEC website - check Investor Relations section of company website)

Industry Information

Business Source Complete ORU database
• Articles from trade journals and other business periodicals
• MarketLine Industry Profiles
• Market Research Reports
• Stock data
First Research ORU database
Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage ORU database
• S&P Industry Surveys
• Stovall's Sector Watch
• Sub-Industry Review
D & B Business Rankings – call #HG4057.A237 LRC-R
U.S. Census Bureau: Business & Industry (Government Sources)
Provides other industry data available from the U.S. Department of Commerce, including construction, retail and wholesale trade, services, and other sectors.
Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM)
Provides statistics on employment, payroll, supplemental labor costs, cost of materials consumed, operating expenses, value of shipments, value added by manufacturing, detailed capital expenditures, fuels and electric energy used, and inventories.
County Business Patterns (CBP) and ZIP Code Business Patterns (ZBP)
Annual establishment, employment and payroll data by industry at the local level is useful for analysis of market potential.
Economic Census
Detailed portrait of the United States' economy taken once every five years, from the national to the local level. Industry Snapshots
International Trade Administration (ITA)
Trade Statistics

± Financial Ratios and Averages
eStatement Studies ORU database
Contains all data from RMA Annual Statement Studies.
See: How to retrieve industry ratio data from eStatementStudies (PDF)
See also: On-line Help Page and click the link for Navigation, Search & Page Loading
Mergent Online ORU database
Create a custom comparison report.
See: How to Create a Custom Ratio Report Using Mergent Online (PDF)
Almanac of Business and Industry Financial Ratios –call #HF5681.R25 T68 LRC-R
Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios (Dun & Bradstreet) – call #HF5681.R25I525 LRC-R
RMA Annual Statement Studies Financial Ratio Benchmarks – call #HF5681.B2 R6 LRC-R
Now available online: eStatement Studies ORU database
Economic Census Industry Ratios (U.S. Census Bureau)
IRS: Business Tax Statistics
Yahoo! Finance

± Industry Classification
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is a system used to categorize industry data collected by government agencies. NAICS was developed and adopted in 1997 to replace the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system.
Most publishers of industry data now organize industry data according to NAICS codes, but a few agencies and publishers still use SIC codes.
NAICS Desk Reference: The North American Industry Classification System... -
call #HF1041.5.N35 2000 LRC-R
Includes SIC to NAICS conversion table.
North American Industry Classification System - call #HF1042.N67 LRC-R
Standard Industrial Classification Manual call #HF1042.U62 LRC-R
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System Search

± Trade Associations
The Industry Reference section of Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys, available through NetAdvantage database ORU database, lists relevant trade associations for that industry.
The Directory of Business Information Resources - call #HF54.52.U5 D567 LRC-R
Encyclopedia of Associations (3 vols.) - call #HS17.G33 LRC-R
Trade association websites may provide industry data and trends. Search the Web for your business and "associations." For example:
Search: food and associations
ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership: Gateway to Associations
(The American Society of Association Executives Directory of Associations)

Business - Finance & Investments

Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage ORU database
Bond Screener
Mutual Funds/EFTs
• The Outlook (available on the Home tab, under S&P Publication Search)
Stock Screener
Morningstar Investment Research Center ORU database
Provides investment analysis including information on stocks and mutual funds. User's Guide | Quick Guide
MarketWatch (Published by Dow Jones & Company)
Morningstar Stock Investor - call #HG4501.M64 LRC- R
Value Line Pro Elite ORU database
Value Line Handout PDF
Value Line Investment Survey (current) - call #HG4501.V26 LRC-R
Securities and investments survey. Updated weekly.
User Guide: The Complete Overview: The Value Line Investment Survey
Value Line Investment Survey (small & mid-cap ed.) - call #HG4501.V262 LRC-R
User Guide: The Complete Overview: The Value Line Investment Survey Small & Mid-Cap Edition

Business - Nonprofit Organizations

GuideStar: Directory of Charities and Nonprofit Organizations
A database of information about more than 1.8 million U.S. charities and other nonprofit organizations, including Form 990, IRS financial disclosure forms. Free registration required.
NCCS: National Center for Charitable Statistics
NCCS is the national clearinghouse of data on the U.S. nonprofit sector.
Search NCCS Master List of Organizations

Business - International/Global

Business Source Complete ORU database - Country Reports
CountryWatch ORU database
Mergent Online ORU database - Country Profiles
Primary Sources
Bureau of Labor Statistics: International Data
International data on employment, compensation, prices and GDP.
Deloitte Country Highlights with Taxation and Investment Guides
Information on the operating conditions and investment climate – including the legal, accounting and taxation framework and high-level overviews covering almost 150 countries.
The Index of Economic Freedom
Ten benchmarks gauge the economic success of 184 countries around the world, by a joint effort of The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation.
International Monetary Fund
Country Information
World Economic Outlook Database
ITC (International Trade Centre): Trade Map
Provides trade statistics and market access information for export development.
Lex Mundi: Guides to Doing Business
More than 130 country guides to legal and business infrastructures.
Library of Congress
Country Studies
Description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world.
Guide to Law Online, Nations
Population Reference Bureau: International
Emphasis on developing countries
UNData: United Nations Statistics Division
U.S. Commerical Service Country Commerical Guides
U.S. State Dept.: Country Background Notes
World Bank
Countries and Economies
Data by Topic
Doing Business Project
Objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 183 economies and selected cities at the subnational and regional level, including rankings and historical data.
The World Factbook (by the Central Intelligence Agency)
Dun & Bradstreet's Guide to Doing Business Around the World - call #HF1416.M78 LRC-R
Financial Times World Desk Reference Credo Reference ebook

Business - General / Environment / Trends

Academic Search Complete
Business Source Complete  ORU
Regional Business News
Small Business Reference Center
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (online version) ProQuest  
± Business News & General
New York Times Business
Requires free registration.
CNN Business New
BBC Business & Money News
Business Standard (India)
BusinessWeek Online
Bloomberg News
CSRwire (The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire Service)
Industry Week
Latin Business Today
PR Newswire

± Demographic Data
American Community Survey (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
Detailed demographic data updated annually by the Census Bureau.
American Factfinder
Online access tool for data from major surveys of the Census Bureau.
American Time Use Survey
Data on how Americans spend their time, including work, recreation, volunteering, etc.
Census Bureau: People and Households
Access to Census data on people and households by subject
" easy-to-use tool for investigating U.S. demographic trends, brought to you by the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN) at the Univ. of Michigan."
Consumer Expenditure Survey
Data on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit (families and single consumers) characteristics.
Pew Research Center Reports
Social and Demographic Trends
Population Reference Bureau
ReferenceUSA ORU Database
State & County QuickFacts
QuickFacts includes current statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with more than 5,000 people
Reference Books
The American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns – call #HC110.C6 A512 2009LRC-R
Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What – call #HC110.C6 H68 LRC-R
Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics - call #HA203.S66 LRC-R

± Economic Data
U.S. Department of Commerce: Economic Indicators
Bureau of Economic Analysis
National Income and Product Accounts, including GDP and other key national and regional economic indicators
U.S. Economy at a Glance
Survey of Current Business
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Inflation, prices, wages, benefits, employment, and productivity
The Conference Board: Economic Indicators
Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER
Federal Reserve: Beige Book
Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Data & Statistics
Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Economic Research
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Economic Data
Federal Reserve System: Economic Research & Data

± Political/Legal Trends
Library of Congress Guide to Law Online
Pew Research Center Reports
Domestic Policy
Politics and Elections

± Social/Cultural Trends
American Time Use Survey
Gallup Poll
Pew Research Center Public Opinion
Pew Research Center Social & Demographic Trends
Roper Center Public Opinion Archives
U.S. Consumers/Lifestyles Database (referenceUSA) ORU database

± Technology Trends
Business technology articles from McKinsey Quarterly
Requires free registration.
Businessweek Technology News
C|NET Technology News
Pew Research Center
Internet & American Life Project
Internet & Technology
Technology: Strategy + Business

Business Ethics

Search ORU database databases for a company, industry, or other keyword AND "business ethics" or similar terms.

CQ Researcher: Business Ethics ORU database

Ethical Leadership ebrary ebook

Globalization and Business Ethics ebrary ebook

The Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics - Library reference collection, call #HF5387.O95 2010 LRC-R

Business - Management

Business: The Ultimate Resource Credo Reference ebook - Also available in print, call #HD38.15B878 LRC-R

Concise Dictionary of Business Management ebrary ebook - 1999

The Routledge Dictionary of Business Management - call #HD30.15.S73 LRC-R



Business - Marketing

The Advanced Dictionary of Marketing: Putting Theory to Use ebrary ebook
Also available in print, call #HF 5412.D33 LRC-R
American Marketing Association Dictionary
Know Marketing: The Internet's Marketing Virtual Library
A virtual library of web resources for advertising, selling, promotion, research, and electronic commerce in concise information areas for easy browsing. Information areas are concise and provide value-added information and carefully selected links.