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Dr. Trevor Grizzle, Ph.D.

 GBIB 500 Greek Synthesis

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Accents Nouns, 1st Declension Masc.
Adjectives & Adverbs in Comparison Nouns, 2nd Declension Masc. & Neuter
Alphabet, Greek Nouns, 3rd Declension
Athematic Verbs (mi verbs)  
Body Parts Noun endings, 1st Declension Fem.
Bonus Words Parsing Chart

Bonus Work (5 pts)

Breathings Power Point Presentations:
Breathing Signs
  Alphabet Power Point 
Declension of eimi
  Accents & Breathings
Endings, 2nd Declension Masc. & Neuter
Face to Face Primary Tenses (Indicative)

Genitive Absolute

Rules for Transliterating Greek Words into English
Greek-English Cognates Subjunctive Mood

Greek Synthesis Notes

Subjunctive & Imperative Verbs
Imperative Mood Syllabus
Indicative, Overview, 6 tense stems

Translation Practice


Tricky Words

Infinitive & Participles Verbs, Second Aorist
Infinitive (continued) & Imperative Verbs, Liquid
Infinitive Examples Verbs - Vocabulary
The Lord's Prayer Verbs, Greek Regular Omega
Miscellaneous - Greek Vocabulary Quiz 4
Nouns, 1st & 2nd Declension Fem. Vowels









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