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University Forms

Forms, University (direct link to petitions, etc.)

  • University forms are available in the Information Center in the Grad Theology hallway and in the Registrar's office.

  • Students not on campus can access forms using the link above, or from the main ORU website under "Registrar."

  • Students are responsible for initiating, filling out, and completing the submission process for petitions, change of grade requests, etc.

  • Forms with missing fields/information/signatures will be returned to the student for completion.

  • Be sure to include all requested course information, including CRN#, Subject, Course, Section, and Course Name. See examples below under "Where to Find Course Information for Forms."

  • Note: some forms may be filled out electronically, while some are in PDF format and will need to be downloaded, filled out by hand, scanned, and emailed to the course professor for signature, or to gradtheoacademics@oru.edu (master's program) or cebutler@oru.edu (doctor of ministry program) (*see note below).

  • The process time for petitions/forms is approximately two weeks. A copy of the recorded form will be mailed to the student from the Registrar's office.

  • *As of September 2017, the following three petitions will no longer be available for GSTM students in paper form:  Course Substitution Request; Degree/Concentration Change; Recorded Course Withdrawal

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Where to Find Course Information for Forms