ORU Graduate School of Theology and Ministry

FED 672/673 Field Education / FED 750 Ministry Practicum / FED 781 Pastoral Internship


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Let's jump cultures - for Christ's sake!

Student Journal Instructions:

Save Journal pages onto your computer before use, to avoid losing your work.

As you make journal entries each week, save individual files to your computer to have ready for submission to the D2L Dropbox.

Be sure to keep copies of all forms for your own records. 

Refer to Field Ed. Handbook for examples of how to fill in forms.

The Learning Contract, Mid-Term Evaluation, and Final Report are filed in the GSTM Field Ed Office (GC 4A31) at the end of the semester.* 


*Fax: 918.495.7125     Mail: Grad Theology, Field Ed., 7777 S. Lewis, Tulsa, OK  74171  
You may also scan signed and completed forms and send them as PDF e-mail attachments to