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Dr. David Hebert, Th.D.  



M.A. Thesis:
The Rapture of the Church: 
A Doctrine of the Early Church or a Recent Development of the Dispensational Movement?  

 ęCopyright David Hebert, Th.D. 
Chapter 1:  The Rapture of the Church
  1a.  The Problem
  1b.  Background
  1c.  Presuppositions
  1d.  Methodology
  Definition of Terms
  1e.  Rapture
  1f.   Apostasy
  1g.  Resurrection
  1h.  Second Coming
  1i.   Related Terms
Chapter 2:  An Exegetical Study of Rapture Passages
     2a.  Introduction and Background
  2b.  1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
         2b.1   1 Thessalonians 5
         2b.2  2 Thessalonians 1:7-2:17
         2b.3   Conclusion
  2c.  1 Corinthians 15
  2d.  Harpazo in other New Testament Passages
  2e.  Parousia in other New Testament Passages
         2e.1   Matthew 24
         2e.2   James 5:7-8
         2e.3   2 Peter 3
         2e.4   1 John 2 and 3
         2e.5   Hebrews 9:28
  2f.  Conclusion
Chapter 3:  Review of Early Church Fathers and Medieval Church Writings up to the Year 1750
  3a.  Introduction
  3b.  Uses of Harpazo and Related Terms by the Fathers
  3c.  Uses of Parousia versus Erchomai by the Fathers
  3d.  Direct References to the Rapture by the Fathers
  3e.  Indirect References to the Rapture by the Fathers
  3f.   References to the Posttribulational Rapture by the Fathers
  3g.  Review of Writings from the Post-Nicene Church up to 1750
Chapter 4:  Summary, Evaluation, and Conclusion
  4a.  Summary
  4b.  Evaluation
  4c.  Conclusion












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