ORU Graduate School of Theology and Ministry

Dr. Cheryl Iverson

Assistant Professor of Old Testament Studies, Associate Dean

Phone:  918.495.6088  ||  civerson@oru.edu


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GBIB/GTHE 757 Thesis Writing

         M.A. Academic Thesis Writing Grade Sheet
           Rubric: M.A. Biblical Literature
Rubric: M.A. Bib. Lit./Advanced Languages
Rubric: M.A. Bib. Lit./Judaic-Christian Studies
Rubric: M.A. Theological/Historical Studies


           How to Format Papers (library guide)

     Submitting Thesis for Final Approval

     Requirements and Fees for M.A. Thesis

     Style Sheet

     Thesis Binding and Publication Checklists
     Thesis Research Manual







Thesis Research and Writing Questionnaire






Text Box: Assessment III   PRF 062
Professional Presentation