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Dr. Ardith Baker

Associate Professor of Business

phone: 918.495.6669
e-mail: abaker@oru.edu

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Dr. David Burkus

Associate Professor of Managment

phone: 918-495-6572
e-mail: dburkus@oru.edu

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Dr. David Dyson

Professor of Management

phone: 918.495.7026
e-mail: ddyson@oru.edu

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Bill Elliott

Assistant Professor of Business

phone: 918.495.7114
e-mail: belliott@oru.edu

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Dr. George Gillen

Professor of Business

phone: 918.495.6556
e-mail: ggillen@oru.edu

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Ray Gregg

Assistant Professor of Accounting

phone: 918.495.6561
e-mail: rgregg@oru.edu

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Dr. Rebecca Gunn

Instructor of Marketing

phone: 918-495-6562
e-mail: rgunn@oru.edu

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Dr. Julie Huntley

Dean of the College of Business

phone: 918-495-6564
e-mail: jhuntley@oru.edu

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Jane Malcolm

Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Library Public Services

phone: 918.495.7495
e-mail: jmalcolm@oru.edu

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Dr. Rinne Martin

Professor of Finance

phone: 918.495.6113
e-mail: rmartin@oru.edu

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Dr. James Russell

Professor of Economics and Chair of the Undergraduate College of Business

phone: 918.495.6551
e-mail: jrussell@oru.edu

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Steven Rydin

Instructor of Marketing

phone: 918-495-7295
e-mail: srydin@oru.edu

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Kevin Schneider

Instructor of Business

phone: 918.495.6563
e-mail: kschneider@oru.edu

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Bruno Teles

Instructor of Business and International Business Advisor

phone: 918-495-6884
e-mail: bteles@oru.edu

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Terry Unruh

Assistant Professor of Accounting

phone: 918.495.7781
e-mail: tunruh@oru.edu

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Jonathan Wiley


phone: 918.495.6491
e-mail: jowiley@ oru.edu

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Dr. Marshal Wright

Chair of the Graduate School of Business

phone: 918.495.6988
e-mail: mwright@oru.edu

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