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Winston Frost

Assistant Professor of Government


M.A., Trinity International University
MBA, Pepperdine University
J.D., Oral Roberts University
B.A., History University of California Irvine
B.A., Social Sciences, University of California Irvine

Contact Information

phone: 918-495-6066
e-mail: wfrost@oru.edu


Academic Highlights

Born in Washington D.C. it is not surprising that Winston Frost would be involved in some area of the justice system. After 30 years of practice as a business and real estate lawyer, Frost has now returned to ORU, as a professor, to help students fulfill the call God placed in their life to go to law school.

"I was in the charter class of the law school here and graduated in 1982," Frost said. "I returned home to ORU to take a teaching position and to share my insights on the integration of law and theology as well as help send ORU students to the best law schools in the country."

Frost is alumnus from a variety of prestigious schools, the United States Air Force Academy, University of California in Irvine (BA/BA), Oral Roberts University (JD), Pepperdine University (MBA), and Trinity International University (MA).

Frost sees each day at ORU as a new opportunity to impact students. He values the opportunity to teach from a Christian worldview and provide a Biblical perspective on the law and legal studies.

"There are opportunities to minister, share, help students grow and apply what they learn in the classroom to real life," Frost shares. "There is nothing commonplace about how God works, and each day is a blessing."

Frost is currently in charge of the Pre-Law program at ORU and expects it to develop into one of the most effective pre-professional programs in the school. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf and tennis, traveling and dabbling in real estate. He also enjoys reading and writing as well as acting. Ten years from today he sees himself as a published author teaching law-related courses.  As for now, he is very excited to teach at ORU and looks forward to his legacy being continued by his family.

"I am thrilled to be back at ORU after 30 years and I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to be a student here," Frost says.

Curriculum Vita



"It Takes a Community to Retain a Student," Journal of College Student Retention (1999)
"Colonial Delaware: An Exemplar of Early American Attitudes About Religion and
            Government", Trinity Law Review (1999)
"The Christian Attorney and the Code of Professional Responsibility," Journal of Christian
            Jurisprudence, Volume 1 (1991)         


SEMINARS (1998 forward)

Desert College of Law
"Bringing Graduate Education to Coachella Valley" (2003)
 "Landlord Tenant Law" (2002)
Trinity Law School
"What it Means to be an Ethical Lawyer" (2000)
"Due Process and You" (1999)
             "Using Mediation to Benefit Your Client" (1998)
 "The Case for Religious Tolerance" (1998)
"The Closed Public Square" (1998)
University of California -- Irvine
"Student Retention and Diversity" (1999)
Center for Human Rights and Freedom
"A Historical Overview of Human Rights" (1999)
"The Right to Die Under International Law" (1999)
"God, Justice, and Human Rights" (1998)
"Teaching All Things -- Including Human Rights" (1998)