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Dr. Solomon Hailu

Associate Professor of International Community Development


Ph.D., University of Natal
Post doctoral Fellow, Witwatersrand University
M.A., University of Natal
B.A., Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia

Contact Information

phone: 918.495.6069
e-mail: shailu@oru.edu


Academic Highlights

Dr. Hailu's freshman year at Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, changed the course of his life forever.  While passing a church service, he heard a song that captured his attention and moved him to attend the service that was being held. As he sat in service, Dr. Hailu was convicted of his sins and gave his life to Christ. This moment altered the course of the rest of his life. His family of seven could witness a tangible change in Dr. Hailu's life and made decisions to accept Jesus into their lives. The power of the Gospel has continued to impact his extended family and the local community in his birth place.
Even as a young boy in a family of six children, Dr. Hailu was shown the importance of education through his father's decision to move him and his family to Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, in pursuit of a rare education opportunity. "Dad paid the ultimate sacrifice; he deserves all the credit," Solomon commented.
When asked why he chose Oral Roberts as a place to teach, Dr. Hailu simply responded, "I decided to teach at the ORU because I enjoy being in [the] constant presence of the Lord." He previously taught at Witwatersrand University in South Africa; University of South Florida Tampa, Florida;  Berry University, Miami, Florida; and was a visiting professor with United Nations affiliated University for Peace. He has plenty of experience with International Development and International Political Economy.  He is the author of several peer reviewed articles and published a book entitled Promoting Collective Security in Africa: the Roles and Responsibilities of the United Nations, Africans and Western Powers.  Currently, he is working on his forthcoming book on his father's (Hailu Gema's) life and ministry.  
Dr. Hailu enjoys watching middle and long distance races.

Curriculum Vita

Teaching and research interest

  • International Political Economy
  • Community Development Studies
  • International Relations, Conflict Analysis and Resolution



  • Promoting Collective Security in Africa: the Roles and Responsibilities of the United Nations, Africans and Western Power; University Press of America (2012)
  • Forthcoming book:  My father, Evangelist Hailu Gema

Journal Articles

  • "Multilateral Peacekeeping in Africa: the Role of the UN and African Union,"  Journal of Global Development and Peace,  Spring 2011
  • "A New Security for Africa," International Journal of World Peace Volume 25(4) December 2009
  • "South Africa and Peacekeeping," Journal of African Policy Studies Volume 11 (1) 2006
  • "Ethiopia-Sudan Relations and Islamization Policies,"  Journal of African Policy Studies Volume 9 (1),  January (2004)
  • Africanization of Peacekeeping: Can the UN and African regional bodies work in Partnership?" Journal Peace, Conflict and Military Studies Vol. 2 (2) November 2002
  • "Donors and South Africa's Foreign Policy Towards Peace Maintenance in Southern Africa a
  • Forthcoming Article: African Union After ten years